Our Story

Who we are, where we come from, and where we're headed as a church

Where we come from

In September of 1988 (that feels so long ago!) a group of people came together to plant what we call Brookridge Community Church. Throughout the years we've moved a few times but have settled here in Haverhill at the top of the hill on Main Street.

What we're all about

There's something powerful about a relationship. Your relationship with Christ is life changing and your relationships with others are life shaping. It's why we believe relationships lead to redemption.

So, we're about one thing.

Inviting people to experience the grace and forgiveness of Jesus and follow Him with us.

We believe God has called us to live out his mission because Jesus cared for this world, Jesus taught us to connect in relationships, Jesus led people into a life of redemption and passion for others.

What this means for you

First, we'd like to invite you to ATTEND to the renewal of your mind. You can do that by visiting a worship service or catching up online throughout the week. Either way, we think this is a life changing step in your faith journey.

Second, we believe we are created for relationships and that means following Jesus happens best when we CONNECT to each other. So, we encourage people to join a group where adults, students, and kids can all connect into relationships that help us follow Jesus.

Third, when we attend to the renewal of our minds and connect in relationships something special begins to happen - Jesus begins to TRANSFORM our hearts. It's something Jesus does for us, with us, and then through us into others'lives.

Fourth, there is an amazing life of redemption God has created, wired, and is SENDING you to live! Imagine the God of the universe wanting you - in all your failures, all your victories, and all your everyday moments - to change the world.

This is what it means to follow Jesus. We think you'll love the journey. Take your Next Step by clicking the red button.